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INTELLeBIZ offers a wide variety of Website services:

  • Website design

  • Website redesign

  • Marketing review

  • Usability review

  • Banners & logos

  • Web site graphics

  • Web site hosting assistance

  • Web site domain registration

  • Website maintenance of web pages

  • Website content & layout review

  • Copywriting assistance for web sites

  • Website content publishing

  • Website Search Engine Optimisation

  • Competitor Website analysis

  • Google Analytics for web sites

  • Google Adwords Advertising

  • Google Adsense Advertising

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a process of improving the size or quality of traffic, to your website from search engines, with the aim of a high ranking on major search engines, such as google, yahoo and msn, for keyword searches relating to your website.

INTELLeBIZ can assist with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), by registering your website with major search engines, helping optimise website content and metadata and by providing analysis and advice on link popularity, to aid your website being found via search engines.

Competitor Website Analysis

It is important that your website compares favourably with those of competitors. INTELLeBiz can assist you by reviewing websites of any major competitors, including website presentation style, content, search engine performance, link popularity and by helping to identify key differentiators.

Google Adsense Advertising

Adding Google Adsense Earn-Per-Click Advertising to a website allows Google to place Ads based on your website content on your website and you earn revenue when the ads are clicked on. You can exclude Competitor Ads and in fact any websites that you do not want to advertise. www.google.com/adsense

There are a choice of Ad formats and colour schemes, which can be adapted to coordinate or contrast with your website and up to three multi or single Ad units can be placed on each page. A Privacy policy is required on a website using Google Adsense. Clink link to see a Website using Adsense.Google Adwords Advertisements

Google Adwords Advertising Campaigns

Google Adwords Pay-per-click Advertising helps you perform well in Google Searches and is beneficial for driving traffic to both new and existing websites, particularly in competitive markets. www.google.com/adwords

Google Campaigns are likely to be less effective and more expensive if they are not set up and optimised well. INTELLeBIZ can assist you with setting up Google Adwords Advertising and can also review and optimise existing campaigns.

Pay-per-click means you only pay when someone clicks on one of your Google Ads. The cost can be as little as 5p per click, depending on keyword and maximum bid price set, with the more popular competitive keywords having a higher click cost.

You set your own daily budget, so you are totally in control of the cost of your Google Advertising. It can increase website traffic considerably. Why not give it a try?

Website Analytics

INTELLeBIZ can monitor and analyse your Website traffic using various Web Analytics tools, including Google Analytics.

Google Analytics For Website Statistics

INTELLeBIZ can set up Google Analytics for your website. Google Analytics is an enterprise-class Web analytics solution that provides Visitor statistics that give insight into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Google Analytics can also link to Adwords or Adsense, if they are being used. Google do not charge for using Analytics. www.google.com/analytics



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